Monday, May 18, 2009

Countering the Unclean Beast's spit

First bit of advice playing Demigod, a lot of people seem to have trouble with the Unclean Beast, specifically his spit skill. Here are my thoughts as to how to handle him.

The beast is one tough cookie, especially if he spit spams (they all seem to). Even with a range class you will have to back up a lot and keep him away from you till you are powerful enough to kill him. Here are some things that have helped me (regardless of demigod choice).

--If you really really want to just counter beast there is a favor item that removes the DoT portion of spit, I think its on a 30 second cooldown.

--Combat health pots help, 750 health .5 sec cast time.

--Stay away and dance backward then forward when you see him till he targets something else, only clash with him when you think you will have the upper hand (this is true for all demi’s and matchups really).

--Get wand of speed (1050 gold I think, 25% speed increase for 8 seconds on use, 30 second cooldown or something like that).

Those are a few of the things that help. Sedna (heal), oak (shield), erubus (mist), QoT (sheild), all have built in ways to deal with spit as well.

I used to have a lot of trouble against him, I now feel pretty confident though he is definately tough to beat. Now my main issue is Erebus :-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

War is over

I’ve canceled my account for some time now and it won’t let me log on again after the 17th. It has been a great game, and really brought me to blogging but I think the war is over for me for now. There are still too many bugs and too little end game. The things I loved are most relevant while leveling up, but the things I dislike happen everywhere. Overall I would rate it a very good game as far as MMORPG’s are concerned. Definitely in the running for 2nd or 3rd favorite after WoW which wins due to longevity of me playing and polish of the game. I wanted war to last longer, the game design just wasn’t going to allow for that to happen.

I know a lot of people came here to read about Warhammer posts. And it was nice to see the feedback, but now I’m moving on to other games I’m playing and maybe the occasional post on Warhammer when patch’s come out and I look back to see what is going on. I look forward to a lot of great games that will be coming out this year and maybe latching on to one of them as a main game. For now I’m playing Demigod mainly with a little bit of Atlantica mixed in (free to play mmorpg). My blog will probably be centered around those games for a bit, but for this post I’m going to talk about why I’m not coming back to Warhammer.

First off end game consists of sieging castles or main cities. Those particular events are not what I enjoyed about warhammer at all. I did many of them, but they lack a epic fun feel they should have. They layouts are too similar. The lag is terrible. And it mainly consists of you either steamrolling a keep/fort, or getting beat back forever till you gave up. Mainly the determineing factor was how many more players you had, in other words skill didn’t play a major part 95% of the time. In that regard I enjoyed scenarios far more (still do), but when the zones lock those become more limited and at the end of my play time those too became way too lopsided. For me this game needed something like wow’s arena at end game, something where I could pit my skills with a few other people against a few other people and be ranked. That would be something worth gearing up for and staying end game for.

Second the bugs crushed me. I still disconnected and dropped nightly, sometimes more than once. I had moves that went off and never hit, couldn’t land my specials, was put in the incorrect stance (as a swordmaster), had teammates naked or mounted when they weren’t, took flight paths only to be charged and returned to my location, and that is just to name a few. They introduced a new patch not long ago that also screwed up all my abilities adding like a .2 second delay on them and seemingly putting them all on cooldown every time I did something. This kind of patching in was astonishing seeing how anyone who actually played a swordmaster during the test would have been like wtf this is horrible. Made me wonder did they have any QA? Was anyone testing the patchs before they came out?

Lastly I liked the game, I liked the gameplay and the balance between classes for the most part. I really enjoyed the implementation of tank classes being able to tank pve and still do well in pvp, most games have a hard time getting that right. I enjoyed the scens from anywhere in the world, the epic questlines were mostly fun and pve was normal and tolerable. The PQ’s were a great idea that could have taken on so much more importance and significance in the game, still they were and are a cool thing I enjoyed.

War filled a gap in my game playing and I really do like the game. I definitely rate it higher than most despite the issues and I think that says a lot about how fun and balanced I felt it was most of the time. But in the end I can’t tolerate the QA, the crashing, and most of all the stale end game. I played lots of alts and leveled 3 guys into the 30’s before getting one to 40, so if it took me that long there should have been more to do once I got there. But there wasn’t. Maybe someday I’ll revist the game, most likely with the great lineup of games in the future I won’t though.

What about you, are you still playing war? If so why?