Monday, October 10, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta - That Funky Monk-y

So I get the chance to take to the 4th class in Diablo 3 the Monk and I was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was!  First off you get to kick, punch, and crazily attack like a paladin without a sword.  Second off it uses a system similar to the Barbarian in which you gain a spirit metre with certain attacks, while using it with others.  The spirit gaining attacks were fluid and had a special animation for every third hit with special effects.  From snaring, to dizzying there were tons of effects.  The Monk also had options to run dodge and other auras which I didn't use to great effect but I could see how they might be pretty strong later and especially when running a team, not to mention nice utility like a aoe heal!

So that's all great and dandy, but how cool does he look?  Well let me show you.

You want Fist?  Oh we got fist... dipped in lightning

How bout kick?  Yeah eat some of these.

Oh, not enough fist?  Sorry lets let the aoe fly.

And the thing that made the Monk a sweet super fast crazy karate master and my favorite thing that made me love the class was the fact he got a crazy blink charge move.  Flys through enemies and allows him to zing around the map like a crazy bald mad man.  this my friends is the Barbarian equivilent to leap, u need this!

All in all really cool melee class, going to be hard to choose a main with all these great designs.  Demon Hunter up next, and then a recap!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta - Wizard Time!

Heya big Mr. Skeleton King, lil Wizard here has got something for ya.

Diablo 3 Beta test char number 3.  The wizard has been a great and fun class.  Focusing mostly on lightning powers in the low levels it sure has been a lot of fun cracking out burst after burst of pure electric fun.  Of course there are many classic spells below such as magic missle, ice armor and frost nova so don't fear, electric isn't the only way to go.  For that matter it seems there may even be a possibility for a melee wizard option, the class comes with a weapon dmg buff, a great armor/slow buff, and a spell that cuts the air in front of them for weapon dmg.

Melee Wizard?

 Oh, did you want to see some of that Juicy Electric power?  Ok, you got it.

So yeah, the wizard is a total powerhouse of power and a ton of fun to play.  Don't believe me?  Enjoy this last supernova of complete and crushing knock back psychic pwnage.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta - Barbarian first look

So you want to smash some enemies into bits with a in your face, barbarian shouting, fury generating, tough guy twist?  You've come to the right class.  Barbarian brings back all of your favorite feelings from Diablo 2 all rolled into one massive brute.  I found the class a little slow until you got leap, and then it was just so much fun leaping all over the place onto unsuspecting enemies and pummeling them all.  You could esily switch betwen an aoe style of hitting multiple enemies or a more single target approach.  He was beefy, he was berserk, he was a Barbarian.

Fist meet Face - Zombie meet wall


He leaps through the air with the greatest of ease
Who dat?  Miniboss?  Me smash...

Hey Mr. Skeleton man, you no longer the king sorry.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Diablo 3 - The Witch Doctor Commeth

Day 1 Diablo 3 I head out looking for some action. I create... a Witch Doctor. Here is my take on the class:
--Summons! Witch Doctor has a ton! By level 8 I could depending on spells selected toss out jars of spiders (4 at a time), piles of frogs (in packs of 3), a suicide zombie, 3 undead dogs, a and a bouncing haunting spirit to name a few. Made battleing the minions pretty easy as your crew was easily able to keep the enemies busy whiile you blasted away their lives.

--Cool utility! Witch Doctor has a fear, and a shaman summon that turns your foes into chicken. Also a pile of zombie hands that reaches out and snares enemies too. Later on he gets a confuse and even more goodies but this is what I was able to use so far. I think when you level up high enough you can actually decide whether to be a summoner type or more of a utilty mage type. At my lower levels and limited to only 3 active skills the summoner route was much easier to crush with. All in all I thought this was a super fun class. Really well done for pve and a lot of fun for dungeon crawling action. PvP is not yet enable and as a summon class I'm not sure if he would accel there. But he may far better than I imagine depending on how his utility skills stacked up.

Chilling by a fire of burning bodies, what better way to pass the time?  Oh you got an undead problem around here?  Wait till I head to your Inn and start spamming all my crap.  Well at least they won't try to eat you, unless you make me mad that is.

Boss Time! The skeleton King wasn't too tough with all my minions around. But he was pretty fun to fight. I think my follower got the last hit with his lightning spear, nice job dude.

For your enjoyment, exploding suicide zombie guts... yum.

Diablo 3 Beta - RobWild Returns

I have returned! Due to my penchant for constantly emailing my friends about my game experiences I decided to instead post them here. I am currently playing League of Legends and Diablo 3 Beta (thanks to an amazing friend). The posts that follow this will be the ramblings of my experiences in both games shotgun style just written for those who are interested. Feel free to post a comment or question if you have one and I will reply as I can.