Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You want to see some more Rocket League Rides?

I know I do!!!  One of the most fun things in this game is the endless customization options of how you want to look in game.  I've been changing mine nearly every night.  Here are a few of the latest I've rode onto the battle field with (in style).

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rocket League Initial Review (First Week)

So yeah, Rocket League is addicting.  I mean in the simplest terms everything I’ve been told about this game is correct.  You’re a rocket powered vehicle, you hit a huge metal explosive ball with parts of your car, and you try to angle it into the opponent’s goal in a giant soccer like rink.  The other team is obviously trying to do the same against you.  Simple…. Or is it?

The first thing I noticed was this game is pretty easy to pick up.  I mean right away any gamer should be able to steer a car, press jump, and hit a booster.  I could make some goals against other noobies (surprisingly defending is a lot harder haha).  But as you play you quickly learn there is a lot of neat advanced stuff going on, especially with better players.  There is a whole level of ariel play that separates good players from great ones.  Jumping, boosting in air, and controlling where your car will go is a thing of beauty and takes time to perfect.  Knowing how to defend, clear the ball, and where to position takes experience.  Add them together and you can quickly pick up the game, but can definitely spend a lot of time mastering.

Even once you get the basics and learn more about the game.  The action is fast, quick and fun.  Give up a goal?  On to the next.  Lose a match?  Few minutes later you are in a new one.  Time flies when playing this game, it’s been a while since I’ve played a game where all of a sudden it’s a lot later than I thought and I should be going to bed J.  With 5 minute games paused only slightly for sweet scoring recaps the games are relatively short but just long enough for a good fight.

One feature I’m also enjoying so far is the cars are pretty customizable in appearance.  You have a few out of the gate cars and upgrades and get “free” items unlocked after each match.  Almost every car can be painted 2 colors, each color with a different finish (like glossy, metallic), have decals (like flames), roof toppers, different tires, antenna toppers, and jet streams (the boost stream behind your car has tons of outrageous options like money or bubbles).  I really enjoy theming out my cars depending on my mood and I know my options to do so will only increase as I unlock more choices.  The best part is the cars are mostly preference and only have very slight differences in how they play, so you aren’t underpowered by choosing a car you like or feels good to you.

Lastly, this game has a tangible excitement feel to it you get from a real soccer match.  When minutes go by and it’s hard to score every scoring chance counts.  There can be a lot of drama to getting that score, and when a cheap one gets in or a dumb play costs you, you actually feel it.  I find my feet kicking under my desk when trying to “flip” my car correctly at the ball.  Or me actually leaning towards a shot or a block.  So far Rocket League is a pretty awesome game, I’m looking forward to getting better at it.

Here's a few of my rides I made this week:

Hot Rod
Iced Out