Thursday, July 9, 2009

Street Fighter 4 for PC

Finally the fighting game I love has come to PC, I only own a wii console so I have been waiting on this one. Today the game has arrived and I have my PC copy plus 6 button madcatz controller, its on! Can't wait to join the ranks and master a few fighters to play competitively with. I played this a little with friends who have xbox 360 and it was a blast. My only sadness is that the pc can't play against the xbox players, but at least it does have a online system (required for me to buy it anyway since playing a game solo these days is no fun for me).

Anyway too exciting, hopefully post more later and maybe write some topics on balance and my thoughts of the online. I'll still be playing demigod as well for now, really enjoying that game still even with all its issues.