Friday, August 7, 2009

Champions Online - Man I hope this is improved CoX

So I'm going to pre-order the Champions online game and hope to be able to play open Beta soon. Man this game looks so cool, I LOOOOOVED the character creation of City of Heroes and Villains, nothing in any other game I played has been so great. You really could design the most awesome toons, and when a friend or two and I design together well we get an awesome themed team. So fun to play that way and so fun just to look at the epic powers you could use. In those games you really felt epic, you could wipe HUGE piles of enemies and travel powers made you feel well, powerful.

Anyway there was a lot done right and wrong in City of Villains and Heroes, here's hoping they take the good and improve, and take the bad out. Add some more variety to the pve, and make pvp actually work (if possible lol). I'm looking forward to this game a lot, not sure if I'm crazy like lifetime subscription looking though, but if open beta shows me the improvments I want I could see making this game permenant for me.