Thursday, September 3, 2009

Loving Champions Online

Charactor creator is awesome and game play is pretty cool to me. If you enjoyed City of Heroes or City of Villains at all you will like this game I would think. Here's a quick write up I emailed to a friend about how I came up with one of my latest designs, its really cool what you can do with this game.

So first I wanted a certain power set, I decided it was down to darkness, electricity or fire. I had a decent concept for darkness guy, but I took a closer look at the powers and honestly there aren't whole lot in there, so you would definitely have to mix and match more. I liked fire and elec, but elec just had more initial stuff that I was like oh, I want that. So that's how I settled in on elec.

Then I started playing with options. Great thing about the creator is you can just mess around until you hit that "piece" and you're like ok, I like that, I want to design something with that. For Buzz it started out with the fly wings (looked cool and were custom to game stop customers). I found I was having trouble matching a head to it. Didn't want the bug head (only one and eh), non of the animal heads were very good, and I was having trouble making a human head feel right. Then as I was looking at hats I just happened to chance on the skeleton head. I was like hmm, that looks really nice with the hat and actually looks ok with the bug wings (since bugs are kind of boney anyway).

After that I checked hands real fast, found they had a skeleton hand too! I liked that a lot and thought it looked pretty cool. Also at some point had settled in on that trench coat. It looks pretty fitting with the hat and wings and I liked how the skelly hands came out of it. Basically after that matched some nice pants and filled in the details. The feet are actually cyborg feet completely colored white, they didn't have a foot skeleton option unfortunately. Still I liked the feet enough and I think pretty much no one can tell they aren't actual bone feet unless they are looking super closely.

Anyway so I started digging the design of the guy a lot, then I thought damn, how am I gonna make this guy fit with the powers I want to use? I kind of immediately thought of the movie the fly, how he meshed with an insect, except in this case the guy meshes with the insect and one of those electric fly traps, that's how he gets his powers (also how he turns into a skelly I guess lol). Its pretty creative and yeah a little stretch, but I'm liking it.