Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here is my mish mash of tips and thoughts on early level PvP in Destiny


1.       The hold the point games don’t work like they do in other games.  You don’t get a ticking time amount of points just for holding them.  What you get is points when you kill an enemy player, the more flags you have when you get the kill the more points your team gets.  So while its important to cap and get points, its even more important to be careful and not die a lot.

2.       Brings me to my next point.  Stay with your team especially if you are new.  If the enemy is distracted targeting someone else or under fire from somewhere else you can get your shots off and not as easly get shot yourself.  Also if you are the guy getting shot at but you are with a team they are getting free shots.  Its valuable to try and stick with teammates.  Sometimes its ok to go run off by yourself but I’d say it’s a more advanced thing to do once you get much better at the game and even then caution is actually way more important than aggression.

3.       For main weapons as a starter I’d suggest using the fastest firing automatic weapon possible.  The damage is normalized for pvp based on fire rate and impact.  But as a beginner its much easier to hit and make some kills if you can squeeze the trigger and just let the bullets fly as many as possible.  Later once you are good something more powerful and precise is great.  But starting out you can’t afford to miss those shots on that type of gun.

4.       On maps that have vehicles get in and ride!  They can take a lot of punishment, kill pretty easily, and are pretty fun.  My best tip for them is if you are under strong enemy fire hit the boost button and just race on out of there fast.  Recharge your shields then head right back.  Best if you can catch someone out in the open areas.

5.       Crouching takes you off the radar, make sure to crouch, sneak and find good places to hide and watch the radar for your enemies!  This will help out a ton once you get good at looking up there.  Find the places where you are above them and they can’t see you well or you have a nice hallway to defend or others like that, terrain advantage and knowing where you can and can’t go are also very important but just require practicing and play time.  Don’t be afraid to run around on the map and look for these areas.
6.    Get bounties before you go!  Getting bounties from the tower for different things you can accomplish (such as play 5 games) will go a long way to helping you level up, get more skills and abilities, and enjoy your time spent PVPing.

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