Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Starcraft 2 the protoss rolls on

Had a rough week but last few nights got to get into the action more once again. I'm still focusing on protoss and having a blast. Here are some things that stick out in my mind from the past week or so.

--Chrono boost is a huge part of protoss game play, for those that don't know your nexus can cast a spell that causes buildings to build I think 25% faster. So early on you can make probes faster or zealots, then later upgrades or other units. Forgetting to cast this slows down production a lot and remembering to boosts you a lot. I don't use it nearly as much as I should but I'm trying to remember more and more to cast it and its nice.

--I've seen some replays of fast zealots or building a pylon near the enemy base and dropping in warpgate units but I'm just not all that great at it yet. It looks fun though but whenever I think I'll try it I usually opt for something more familiar instead.

--I am growing fond of what I call the Immortal push. That is I build 2 gateways, and just keep producing a mixed army of zealots/stalkers/sentries then two robotics facilities and as soon as 2 immortals come out of those I push to the enemies expansion. Most often they have it up and running but just barely and my superior army owns them. I keep the immortals in the front and use the sentries to either choke off their units if they are up a ramp while i kill their expo for free or split up there army with them. If I dont think forcefield has a good spot to go I cast their defensive shield spell which always helps.

--I haven't done a cannon rush since I tried it a long time ago, I should go for that again sometime soon lol

--If there is one thing I'm not fond of for protoss its the templars. They take FOREVER to get and then by the time you get them are not too powerful for tier 3. In the right hands, I'm sure high templar with psi storm are amazing, but by the time you get them you better damn well know how to use them because they are fragile and have a super small radious on the storm cast. Definately seems like a pros only unit if that. Dark templar on the other hand are even worse. Melee only unit at the very end of the tier tree that has stealth? By this time in the game you actually get them it doesn't matter mostly. Also if you are playing terran they are a complete waste. Might be only useful vs zerg really and that is maybe only once in a blue moon if you can somehow surprise them with them super late.

--I have played a lot more protoss air and I love it. All the units in fact. Some on the forums have said they think Phoenix's suck but actually I like them a lot. They protect my air force and can do some great things to ground units. Did you know they can life up siege tanks? That's huge IMO and allows phoenixs to kill them even. There are lots of uses for the pick up spell and the unit itself is fast. I love void rays when you get a few going, they look great and do massive damage if you can sneak them in and attack somoenes main building, goes down pretty fast. And carriers are always fun if you get that far, just floating along dominating the sky with their little attack ships.

In conclusion for this week I'm really feeling strongly about protoss air and ground, and not liking templars much at all. Protoss is a well rounded race that has a lot of options at its disposal and that makes them fun to play. I should start to revisit the other races again now that I'm getting better at the game.

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