Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Starcraft 2 Battle Report 4 Bring on the Protoss

To round out my abilities and further learn the game I've been playing a lot as protoss lately. I must say initially I didn't like the race at all but now I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable with them and liking a lot of what they have to offer. I've done some funny things with them as well as had some interesting things another protoss did to me. I still play some Terran as well and will have to revisit Zerg too as I continue to play the beta. I figure what better time than now to try funny strategies and explore all the races, I'm having fun with it So here are some highlights:

--I tried a protoss photon cannon rush and it actually worked. I did a horrible job at it, but I'm not in a high level league or anything so it still worked. Perfected it could have been a lot better. Not nearly unstoppable or even that great later on but fun none the less. I had a network of photon cannons stretching into my enemies base and then started producing out of a gateway I built over there, my main base just had probes and a forge.

--While playing terran a protoss rushed me with zealots and won. He didn't proxy pylon them either, just built them from his main. I admit, I should have walled better and built bunkers but still was interesting what the other guy did (I watched the replay). He built 2 gateways early, saved up his chrono boosts and only used them on the gateways to produce faster zealots (usually protoss use the chrono on the nexus to build more probes). So he ended up with 6 zealots pretty fast while I had only 3 marines and one maurader. Anyway as I said this was not unstoppable and many things could have helped including bunkers, better scouting, better walling off (in this case it was scrap station with a large choke). But still was pretty effective and cool, I may try it sometime.

--I feel protoss ground game is really strong. The thing I am liking most about protoss is that I really feel a transition when I start getting immortals and collossi. Once I get an ample mixed force I feel like there isn't any other ground force that is stronger. I've been beaten by Terran ground using siege tanks and other units so its not unbeatable, but it does feel really strong is all. When I play Terran I mostly feel my bio mass is as good as it gets with some tanks behind it. Anyhow I'm enjoying protoss late game ground and I haven't really even explored their air much (except for observers, next point)

--I love observers as toss. I kind of suck at scouting and checking things throughout the game. This unit makes that 10 times easier. I queue one or two around the map to check expansions and most the time can sit one right in their main and see what they are building. Observers are awesome even though they take a while to build and do cost a lot of gas.

--I'm loving photon cannons too, probably a little too much. Being able to quickly defend or fortify expansions is pretty nice. I've been tossing down cannons near my line, near my choke, and at expansions. Stops small scouting units and some harasses.

That's all for now, hope to explore more protoss air and templars soon.

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