Monday, October 3, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta - Wizard Time!

Heya big Mr. Skeleton King, lil Wizard here has got something for ya.

Diablo 3 Beta test char number 3.  The wizard has been a great and fun class.  Focusing mostly on lightning powers in the low levels it sure has been a lot of fun cracking out burst after burst of pure electric fun.  Of course there are many classic spells below such as magic missle, ice armor and frost nova so don't fear, electric isn't the only way to go.  For that matter it seems there may even be a possibility for a melee wizard option, the class comes with a weapon dmg buff, a great armor/slow buff, and a spell that cuts the air in front of them for weapon dmg.

Melee Wizard?

 Oh, did you want to see some of that Juicy Electric power?  Ok, you got it.

So yeah, the wizard is a total powerhouse of power and a ton of fun to play.  Don't believe me?  Enjoy this last supernova of complete and crushing knock back psychic pwnage.

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