Saturday, October 1, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta - Barbarian first look

So you want to smash some enemies into bits with a in your face, barbarian shouting, fury generating, tough guy twist?  You've come to the right class.  Barbarian brings back all of your favorite feelings from Diablo 2 all rolled into one massive brute.  I found the class a little slow until you got leap, and then it was just so much fun leaping all over the place onto unsuspecting enemies and pummeling them all.  You could esily switch betwen an aoe style of hitting multiple enemies or a more single target approach.  He was beefy, he was berserk, he was a Barbarian.

Fist meet Face - Zombie meet wall


He leaps through the air with the greatest of ease
Who dat?  Miniboss?  Me smash...

Hey Mr. Skeleton man, you no longer the king sorry.

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