Thursday, April 16, 2009

DemiGod First Impressions

So I pre-ordered a while back the game Demigod so I could play in the beta for it. At the time I didn’t have a lot going I wanted to play and I really liked Defense of the Ancients hero game that spawned from warcraft 3 the frozen throne. So I figured what the heck. Well I played the beta for a bit then got sucked into Warhammer, I quickly stopped playing much demigod. However the game released its live version yesterday so I figured why not try out their finished product. I only got about an hour of game time in and I was playing single player mode, but here are my early impressions.

The game is pretty fun. That doesn’t mean I know how long it will be fun for, or how much it lasts, I’m just speaking from my first impressions. I jumped into a single player tournament with npc teammates and npc enemies and went at it. I liked what they did with the specialization points, I played the unclean beast assassin type demigod and could see that there were probably 2-3 different ways to build him that would be effective in game. I played him once as a aoe/projectile and once as a super speedy melee monster. Both were pretty effective (but I didn’t have any competition really since the easy computers were way too easy).

There were a lot of diversity and item choices as well. I’d imagine that each build will find the best items for that particular build and will try to get to that. I found the items seemed quite a bit powerful, but again maybe because I was on easy cpu the money flowed in faster than its supposed to. I’ll try to get to more of this when I get some time in, at the moment I’m not feeling too well and warhammer does crowd my time (new patch came out tonight to try as well). Have any questions about demigod or how the game works or plays? I’d love to expound upon it for any that are interested.

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