Thursday, April 2, 2009

Level 40 Sword Master

So I been out of the loop here posting for a little bit, I’ve been busy but also I got my Sword Master to level 40! I finished a couple of the first level 40 city instances and re-specialized a couple times to test some things out. So far I’m extremely happy and now I’m ready to post some of my thoughts on the early stages of a fresh level 40 Sword Master.

1. Wall of darting steel (our level 40 ability that grants us 50% parry/disrupt/dodge while wielding a two hander) is absolutely amazing. Really, it’s the only reason I’m fully enjoying playing a 2h SwordMaster in Orvr. Sure I used a 2h throughout my level up process, but at 40 with high Strength you start to notice you aren’t doing a lot less damage than a 2h, a little bit maybe, but not enough to forgo being able to block nearly 22% or what not. And you definitely feel the squishyness (and seemingly lack of heals given to you) when running with a 2h. Channel that Wall of Darting Steel when you are taking heat though and wow, its beautiful how long you can last, often retreating or finally getting healed. Bonus to it as well is it is hitting em back for damage, sweet.

2. The early instances are fun and challenging. I’ve done crypts and tunnels (helmet side). Both instances had a few wipes in my pick up groups, but we were relatively inexperienced and I only have 3 wards. Our main tanks had 5 but I’d imagine it could be done with 4 and a little more experience. It was fun learning the pve encounters. I’m guessing that sure I might get a little bored of them after 10 or so runs (maybe more not sure) but the lock out timers actually help with this I think. I can’t run it more than once every 3 days or so, that helps force me to do other things. Even at 40 I have a lot to do, and I still enjoy Orvr when its not a zergfest (getting rarer these days) and scenarios.

3. Strategic Orvr seems to be happening a lot more. With the changes to zone capture I’ve been involved in a lot of warband splits where we guard different BO’s and just a lot more coordination in general. Its pretty refreshing and enjoyable. Even had one epic orvr battle at a BO that lasted like 4-5 minutes or longer with tons from each side fighting. It was pretty awesome. Most rvr however is one huge group rolling over another, but when we have large really cool fights its very fun and fulfilling, also when I get in small skirmishes I enjoy that a lot too.

There’s a lot more but I’ll stop at that for now. Still having a blast, even with no experience gain and that’s a good thing. I’m happy to be at the cap. I still have things to achieve like RR and gear, but I’m happy where I’m at and having fun playing the game so really I couldn’t ask for more than that at the moment.


Draginfaerie said...

Grats on 40!

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

Thanks so much! Quite an accomplishment, I have two other low level 30's guys that I didn't feel like pushing to the top. Loving the swordmaster still. Now to work on those renown ranks and gear :-)