Friday, March 13, 2009

Putting the Sword back in Warhammer

Ahh good to be back in business and feeling good.

The last so many play sessions on war have been great. I got my SwordMaster up to 36 now and the cap is in sight! At 35 I was able to equip my new set pieces and form some nice offensive an defensive combos. And most importantly (I think) I respecced full Hoeth which has some of my favorite abilities that are good for offense and defense, sword and board or two hander. I bring the damage, and the defense, and whatever else J All in once nice package. In any case the bitter title is gone, currently I’m the denier of disease lol.

On that note what is it that makes the Hoeth spec so great? At least for me here is what I really really really am loving about it:

--EB opening attack is buffed by the tree. Using it and EA is still very strong when specced this way especially IMO.

--DS is a nice finisher, and can be used just for the damage if not for the additional build time on casters.

--Both aoe’s are buffed here, amazing for when I grind PQ’s. Cycling the two over and over and over adds up fast, and debuffs, can’t beat it.

--Self bubble that puts increases you to improved stance. Honestly, every time I spec out of hoeth I miss this so much it hurts. Its not just the damage absorb (which is nice), but it’s the ability to cycle my abilities without having to hit someone all the time, and it’s the attack chains it lets me do by allowing me to use it in which ever part of the cycle I want. Truly amazing ability.

--Whispering wind is great for the build time reducers on the self bubble and on the aoe knockdown. Using whispering wind first you can set yourself up to bubble 3 times in a row at 5 sec cool down each, or back to back aoe knockdown. Possibilities on these chains are a lot and are very powerful, especially in pve but very strong in pvp too.

--AA free bunch of armor and 5% disrupt, yes please! Simple but effective.

--Heal tactics are weak, but I like to take them anyway. They provide some fun times when no healers are around and you stack them. I rarely have them equipped but I find them useful enough to have fun right now, especially since I can’t get high enough in the other trees for a full spec build yet anyway.

There you have it, back on the Sword Master and loving it. Hope to reach for the cap and start running end game instances soon.


PQQ said...

Hoeth probably also feels so nice because of the new resistance caps and how most of the attacks and tactics in the tree do spirit damage.

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

Agreed, I think I may do a Hoeth write up soon, I'm really enjoying it.