Monday, March 9, 2009

Ramblings on War's Live Event Bitter Rivals

The event is coming to an end and I must say I usually like these things. However this last event has left a "bitter" taste in my mouth. Though the new patch hit which was initially quite fun to play with new things, I'm now trying to find out just how good or useful my different specs are and its really hard to tell with the newly introduced lag. My abilites don't hit, or target moves, or balance doesn't switch. Its pretty frustrating. I tried out a full D vaul spec for my SwordMaster which at first seemed pretty powerful but last few sessions I been getting blown up and can't do any damage to boot. Quite frustrating.

The new scen was nice in previous life events, and the concept of this one "twisting tower" is good. However I think the multi layer of it is causing massive lag in there. Having everyone fighting on different levels is like having them fight in the same place maybe? Not sure but whatever it is it causes the scen to be pretty unenjoyable for the most part. It also seems to make for a lopsided game. Either my team owns them or they own us, I've seen very little close games and a lot of zerging. Over all this makes this new scen a thumbs down for me. Bring back Reikland factory!

In any case I complete all the live event tasks and put on my new title earned (seriously bitter). That sums up my attitude (over the last couple sessions at least hehe). I’m bitter about the lag, and I’m bitter about getting roflstomped. Last few sessions have changed dramatically for some reason. Haven’t been able to kill well at all (but I am a full D spec) but on the flip side haven’t been surviving all that well either (which is suprising). Maybe my groups have been gimp, but its been lame as hell that way. Combine it with the lag and I would say I am “seriously bitter” hehe. I hope to push to 35 since some major gear upgrades hit me there. I’m probably going to have to respec (again) to tolerate the last half of the level.

The other thing I’m bitter about is the bastards who made SF4 but didn’t make it for Wii or PC. So lame, by the time it does come out most of my friends will be either seasoned pro’s or not caring much about it.

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