Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sword Master Rap

Almost to the level cap and really enjoying my Sword Master still, decided to put out my first Sword Master Rap. Enjoy!

Sword in your back jack, so what now homey?
How many times did I kill you, let me check the tome
Cause it shows, just how much you blows,
wiping out large numbers of my feeble little foes

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe
Who’s the next victim in the Sword Master show?
Blade is shining, witch elfs are whining,
you got me standing in the corner, it’s a gangster elf sighting!

And all you haters wish you had my skills,
turning in bounties for the dollar bills
Insta-gibbing destro pretty much at will,
or I can live forever if I want to chill

Wipe off my sword and leave you all crying,
your geeky friends are left on the ground…. Dying
Its funny cause I’m not even hardly trying,
but if I did damn… the nerfs would be flying

So think about it,
be quiet don’t shout it,
maybe next time you see me you can get me… lol doubt it.

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