Saturday, March 7, 2009

Should there be a tier 5?

Normally when you first enter a new tier, lets say tier 3, you fight against other classes who are slightly above you. They have at most about 10 levels on you, some new abilities and maybe 1 tactic slot. They also have some better gear, but what they don’t have is end game gear, or even a focus on gear typically. When you get to tier 4 all that changes. Not only are you facing the steepest level climb in terms of xp needed, but now you are facing all of the above, plus end game geared players or even RR 50, 60, or more. What that does is leaves you with a somewhat disheartening impression, especially if you are doing scens and orvr to level up.

I was thinking the game has been out a while now. Why not have a new scenario queue for just 40’s, and let tier 3 belong to the 39’s and lower. This would give more a competitive feel to the leveling up process and not create such lopsided match ups. Now I’m not sure what this would do as far as the zone domination scheme (Orvr would have to remain the same I’d guess) but at least it could make the scenario games more interesting and even. And lower the barrier to entry for those that hit tier 4.

As I’ve posted before it seems the game is at its most fun point in tiers 2 and 3. There has to be ways to make tier 4 more fun and the place to be. I like the zone set up but because the zones are so huge its also very easy to get lost there. Not to mention the number of high level mobs that wander the Orvr area’s easily make those fresh 32’s wishing to participate have a hard time. Then they have to learn many more zones than before (3 at least for each pairing) and navigate somewhat confusing maps of multiple levels (I’ve come up many times to mountains that I didn’t see or was too high up to join a fight below). I haven’t had a chance to see the “rally call” feature in action that they put for tier2 and 3 but if its good hopefully they add it to tier 4 as well.

What do you think could make end game and tier 4 better? Do you like war how it stands now? I’m still having fun, but my good friends interest is dwindling. My level ups are way slow, and thus my progress is too. I’m still trying to hit the cap, but it needs to remain fun and new. Keep swapping and zerging back and forth in the open field will get old pretty fast. Scens will too though I probably enjoy them the most currently (especially if the new twisting tower scen wasn’t so laggy). I’d like to try some end game instances, but I can’t imagine them being all that exciting after completing 2-3 times either. Anyhow, I’ll probably write about all that here, if War can keep me going.

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