Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keep Improvments

Playing in Tier 3 with my Sword Master and starting to get into more and more sieges to go ahead and try and acquire the gear you can get through participating there made me start thinking more about the keep sieges and what can be done to make them better. Here are my thoughts:

Make incremental rewards for sieging –

Here is what I mean, instead of giving you x points for killing the keep lord, how about getting some points for breaking down the first door, breaking down the second door, taking out the oil, killing certain guards. There could be a much larger list here, the point is I’ve been on several sieges that are defended and fail, you get almost nothing for your efforts when this happens. That’s kind of silly. Even if the reward is small (like 50 inf) it still would be something for being there. In my opinion the rewards for these sieges should be higher as well, make it more worth it to do them. They are moving in the right direction on this IMO, but it still could be better. The RR gain is pretty decent, but the exp gain is pretty low.

Give some information on how contribution works (if it is working at all) –

I’ve tried several things with my Engineer and my Sword Master, I still have no idea what will get me better contribution (chance at the bags of gear). If I don’t know what gets me there then what is the point of having that reward system? I’ve tried full defense gear, taunting every mob, hitting everything and keeping all agro on me even the lord. I’ve tried jumping in the RAM to knock down the door, using siege cannons, do these things help contribution at all? I’ve tried guarding the back door, using healing tactics, using damage tactics. Anyway the point is clear, how am I supposed to be successfully contributing to the keep for that system without knowing what the heck it is counting on me to do? Otherwise as many others have said many other places, maybe the whole contribution and loot bag system should be changed, but if not how about letting us in on what we are supposed to be getting credit for doing so we can try to get some of those gear rewards.

Destructible walls, back doors, and ladder creation –

This has been mentioned also before but thought it was worth saying again. Would be great to have tactical points to guard besides one main door. I also thought it would be great to be able to destroy the back doors that the enemy floods into to defend the keeps. There are usually more than one of these, and you could make them super hard to destroy, but should at least make it possible. Along the same lines of destructible walls would be purchasable ladders that could be thrown up the side of keeps to get in, obviously these could take a long time to put up as well as maybe only allow one person up them at a time, but still would be a very cool option to have. There is a lot that can be done here to make these more dynamic and fun.

Make rewards better… again –

They already have added stuff to make the rewards better, but it needs a bit more. Some of the purps you get from tier 2 are pretty much equaled in 3-4 levels after you get them. That’s a lot of sieging for such a minor gain. The stats should be increased a bit I think, to make them last just a little bit longer. Purps should last you 5 levels plus I would think. Also give more XP and maybe RR. They did this once but its still a much slower gain than scens. They really aught to be closer to being equal. Maybe the scens should advance you a little faster since the keeps now have inf rewards to get, but still you get the drift here.

I’m sure there are a lot of other great suggestions out there. What do you think should be added to sieges to make them better?


Tom said...

I still have no idea what will get me better contribution

I think if you man the Ram during a Keep siege you seem to get better contribution - doing 20k dmg to the door everytime, i seemed to be a bit higher up the charts each time i was on the Ram.

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

You would think that would help with contribution since it is a worthy role for a tank to be under the oil and ramming the door down, I have yet to correlate it to actual contribution. My friend who plays a IronBreaker I think got as high as 6th but I don't think he manned the RAM at all, well more to research or maybe its random lol.