Friday, January 23, 2009

Tier 3... The place to be?

Is tier 3 the place to be in Warhammer?

I was thinking about this the other day, tier 3 seems so much more fun than tier 4 to me right now. Why is that? Let me break some of the points down:

1. Scenarios are better in tier 3. It has Tor Anroc, several paths to choose from, tactical fighting to avoid lava launches or create them yourself, hold the bauble that damages you. Doomfist also has several bridges and choke points as well as a hold the center point strategy, has items around the edges to increase your damage. And even Isha’s is pretty cool, line of sight walls and a few paths around the edges and outside to fight around. Tier 4 Serpents passage is basically an upside down V, not a whole lot of path choices, not much line of site or strategy, run a part back to your spot. Then there is that king of the hill game, also small map, hold one spot. Also interesting is that at tier 4 you run into level 40’s with the best gear and high RR levels, this doesn’t happen in any other tier because most high level tier 3 players aren’t trying to stock themselves in the best available gear since its not end game yet.

2. Character advancement. It seems the characters really get completed in tier 3 to me. Sure there are a couple of abilities you get in the late 30’s and at 40. But most of your game play has been figured out by the 30 or the end of tier 3. At that end you finally can have tried all of your talent trees abilities, and have received most of the good things you are going to get. So now you are supposed to venture into tier 4 and take longer to level up each level and get less in return, no special skills to motivate you and you’ve seen all your talent tree abilities. The only thing you are looking forward to is “getting” to 40 so you can wear better gear, but again you are always interested in getting better gear so that’s not anything special or different to be excited about.

3. I like the layout of the lands better. Tier 3 keep sieges are located in better spots close to flight masters. You can organize warbands, fly to different zones, and take down keeps with your time for the most part. Tier 4 is spread out further, seems like you have to do a lot of running to get to different places and fight. More fighting and less traveling seems better to me, I also haven’t yet seen anything too special about the tier 4 sieges versus tier 3, I’ve done a fortress siege even, looked basically the same.

What do you think, have I just not given tier 4 a fair shake yet? I have 3 high level charactors, only one is in tier 4 right now, the others moving though tier 3. Do I just need to play more tier 4 to enjoy it better, am I missing something?


Keen said...

I don't like T3 at all really and T4 is close behind it. T2 is my favorite of all of them. If you like T3 though then I really think you almost have to like the latter parts of T4.

Keen said...

I wanted to come back and update this a bit. I think I might actually like the T3 RvR more than the T4 RvR, but the T4 PvE more than the T3 PvE. Tonight I ran some amazing small group action in Avelorn and Highpass that really yielded some amazing PvP probably not capable of being done anywhere else.

RobWild said...

Yeah I agree, I've had quite a bit of small pvp group action (as well as the large group action that occurs nightly) in tier 3. It seems to be the most active and popular area for me. Like you said, Tier 4 PvE probably is where its at as far as PvE is concerned, for me that is the least of the things I like to do though :-)