Sunday, January 25, 2009

Melee is more fun than Range in Warhammer

Or is it? Maybe its just my lack of enjoyment of tier 4 for the moment (see previous post), but for some reason it seems like melee is more fun to play right now than range or healers in Warhammer Online for me.

Now I have a Tier 4 Engineer and he is great. Amazing aoe damage, great single target, awesome cc and defense. Hell he can top damage charts and killing blows in tier 4 with the big boys (even at the bottom of the bracket), survives pretty damn well too. Really well designed class but here’s what happens. I go off bombing everything, napalming key spots, setting up turrets, basically blowing everything up (which is extremely fun mind you) but when the enemy comes after me its kite kite kite. Now, nothing wrong with this but let me give you an example of what happens with my melee class.

So then I log on my Tier 3 Sword Master. If I use my Defensive gear I can concentrate on disrupting the enemy and protecting my friends. A pretty fun role. If I put on my Offensive gear I can be the one cutting down fools directly. There is just something different about swinging a giant 2h weapon above your head and hitting a home run on your enemies back as they are trying to flee from you. Getting that feeling that they are in their heads (or at their keyboards) frantically trying to run away from you. Then you crash down on them with epic force with that swooshing melee sound. Now being on the front lines sure you have more chances to die as well, but being a tank makes up for that quite a bit since your survivability even with a 2her is not too shabby.

So I’m not sure, maybe its just me, but melee seems more fun in Warhammer right now. In most games I usually enjoy casters/range the best, but something about the design of tanks and how they work in Warhammer has me enjoying melee more. I guess we’ll see what happens when my Sword Master hits tier 4, will this finally be the class that makes me stick with it even there? What do you think, is range more fun for you, or healing, or does Warhammer maybe need to add a little something more fun for them (healers especially)?

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