Saturday, January 31, 2009

More on Sieging

So I’ve been spending my time in tier 3 mostly doing Orvr and taking keeps lately. I’m trying to discover the best way to get my contribution higher as well as do my best to have fun and take the castles. I do like this style of game play a lot which is why warhammer appeals to me. However there are some new issues that are starting to show them selves to me through sieging often enough.

The first issue is that all the lord rooms are practically identical (if not for certain). Couldn’t they have at least moved the ramp to a different spot? It isn’t a major problem but its interesting that so much time went into these, and the outsides are generally somewhat different enough to keep it interesting, but once you are in the lords tower is pretty much one winding staircase and there you are. It kind of takes away the uniqueness of each keep and dumbs down the theme of each zone. Anyway I’d like to see more variety in how you get to the keep lord in different zones at least.

The second issue stemming somewhat from the first is there is a small area in which you can get to the lord room. Maybe its 3 characters wide. The first time I was with a small group of guys and defended a keep by forming a small wall at the top of the stairs I thought hey this is great. The enemy can’t get passed just a few guys holding that spot as you slaughter all who get too close. Line of site issues, lag, pathing, and collision detection make this a total pain to break. But then after being on the offensive side of that 3-4 times I started thinking well damn, that’s somewhat over powered. When I saw that 3 warbands of players couldn’t break what looked to about half of a warband defending I thought maybe something is wrong here.

Why not make two paths to get up to the keep lords in some keeps (or all of them)? That way if you can coordinate enough defense to guard both choke points sufficiently then congratulations you win, but at least it would provide the offense a means to try different tactics. Sending some force one way, then the rest the other or sending all down one path to try and break it. As it stands now I see this getting more and more used and its quite simple. Especially with the way keeps are now where one click and you get in the keep regardless of defenders attacking you. All it takes is a handful of guys with a few tanks and healers to hold of at least 3-4 times that of attackers.

Maybe all of that is by design, and they want to make defending that much stronger. But to me it seems a bit wrong. I want the defense to have a chance (they already do quite a bit before the enemy even gets that far with two walls, plenty of siege and terrain advantage), but I also want there to be a little more balance here and skill involved. Making one single choke point like that, on every single keep, is a bit much.

How bout at least half the keeps get a revamped set of ways to get up em so they aren’t like that? How bout some variety in the lord rooms to make them different? Would be nice to sometimes take the stairs, sometimes have a broad hallway run, sometimes have two sets of stairs, sometimes have a path that leads outside the lord room first. Well you get the drift, there are many more options than I can even think of here, why not explore some of them and make sieging more diverse and fun?


PQQ said...

Making 2 ramps, would be great, and may not even be that hard to code in. It would definitely lessen the impact of the AoE ramp of doom. Higher level keeps and fortresses could even have 3 ramps.

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

3 Ramps would be cool too. Add some diversity in there. Make the players go "Oh you are taking thickmuck, groups 1-3 up the stairs to the left, group 4 run outside and up the ladder to the 3rd floor" or something like that :-)