Friday, February 6, 2009

Damage and Block Calculation in Warhammer

Been thinking about this yesterday, trying to reliably come up with a way to figure out just which weapon is better than another for my Sword Master. My friend ran some tests with surprising results, so we went to the warhammer alliance forums to see if anyone else had the actual formula to test our data. Turns out we did some things a little off, but in the end were given the proper formula’s for weapon damage on auto attacks, weapon damage on skills, and lastly I asked for a block rating formula. The purpose of these formulas is to test ahead of time what rewards or items you might want to go after as you are leveling up. So here is what was found and we confirmed to be true:

Autoattack damage:

(DPS+(str/10))*delay = weapon damage output

Skill damage:

(DPS+(str/5))*1.5 + skill bonus damage = skill damage output

Block Formula:

Block Percentage = [Block Rating of Shield / (Level * 7.5 + 50)] * 20

The most important category for us in an offensive set is what increases skill damage the highest, but it shouldn’t be ignored that those slower big 2h weapons will hit harder in autoattack damage by a decent margin. So the old adage is still here, slower equals more burst, faster equals more procs and chances to hit. For 2h I lean towards slower, but for 1h I don’t mind the faster hit as much, swordmaster has a lot of things that have a chance to proc on hit. Still even though when I run the numbers they don’t come out too far off it sure seems that big 2her does more. The tests don’t lie though :-)

Also good to note is the block formula, there have been several times there is a shield upgrade with more block rating, but less stats. So its been hard to tell if I should switch. Now I can tell exactly how much more % chance to block I would get to make a more educated decision. How about you, any number crunching formulas out there or game mechanics you wish you knew more about? I love researching that sort of thing.

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