Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Engineer Raps

A while back I made some funny Rap's about destroying the enemy on my Engineer. Also made a few with my zealot but we'll save those for requests (yeah right) lol. I'm entertaining the thought of making some on my Sword Master soon. Anyway, enjoy!

Engineer Rap 1

Rat tat tat tat, bullets bouncing off your back
As you try to press up on me, you just hitting on my flak
Then a nade blasts ya, you fly back like a helpless wimp
You run back and trip a land mine cause your style’s so gimp

You get up but you can’t do nothing
Dots ticking your sad life its disgusting
You cant run and you cant relate
You cant hide but you cant escape

Then more nades drop on your silly little head
Making you look like a 10 year old kid
Sorry Son, It had to be done, This Engy burned you thoroughly completely for fun

What’s that, your team will break through?
I got a little something called barbed wire for you
It makes your feets hurt oh so much
You crying cause now you move like you use a crutch

All the while got my turret blazing
Firing off damage for free so crazy
All you damn noobs in a pile is lazy
Check the scores fools cause your crys don’t faze me

So Spex is on the hunt and looking for the kills
Dropping down the bounties slipping devs the dollar bills
It doesn’t hurt having super engy madness skills
That’s just how we do and now you know the drill

Engineer Rap 2

Jumpin Jamin, y’all be planning
To avoid the mines in your face they landin
Outstandin, demandin
Got you laced up tight and crammed in

Step left get knocked back so far
Step right you face plant retard
Step forward too late fubarred
Step back and run like a coward

Spex got you and my damage freakin
Rank 2 moral and your life is leakin
Got you hit so hard you thinking
WTF can kill so frequent

So you run but you cant hide
Snipe hits you where the sun don’t shine
Crits nasty it is so devine
If it don’t kill then dots in time will

If you rush you get crack shot
Drop you weapon like a scrubbed out tot
Hit the floor cause you not so hot
While you down there would you like a mop?
Cause you cleaning up the slop
Of your friends that I just dropped
Its too easy so why stop
Love to see you when you flop


PQQ said...

I can't imagine this song being done in any form of gangsta rap style. It has to be the cheezy oldschool style like the Sugar Hill Gang. And it would be awesome. Nice rhymes.

Tom said...

Nice. Do it to a video of your engineer - seems to be all the rage to do that nowadays.

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

Haha yeah I'm definately old school style, I could see it being a youtube sensation lol but I don't fraps my gameplay much as I already don't have as much time as I would like :-) Thanks for the replys tho, glad you liked em.