Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From the test server

Some reports are trickling in from the test server about the new Sword Master changes. Of note:

--Ether Dance (my 2h finisher top of dmg tree, got a massive buff, as it stood currently I wasn’t even getting to it a lot of times and it was questionable whether it was more dmg then just hitting them with another blurring shock due to the cast time. Now it is supposedly doing outrageous damage, yummy)

--Wispering Wind Silence (top of my balanced tree, now reduces cooldowns on all abilities by 5 seconds. This is a pretty nice group utility thing, also brings up things like my aoe knockback available every 5 seconds instead of 10).

--Crashing Wave (top of D tree 3 sec knockdown, now gives 4 seconds immunity to your group to silence, disarm, disable and knockdown)

--Absorb shields appear to be buffed by 50%, a lot of people feel that’s not enough, I’m feeling like that is still pretty damn nice. I’m not 40 but if I spec for shields I’ve been able to survive quite a beating.

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