Thursday, February 26, 2009

Defense Swordmaster Spec Seems Viable

Man, SM changes are so sweet I really can’t wait for the patch. I am going to be able to make some great specs, going to have to respec probably 6 times just to try all the combos I’ll have available lol. There are some O specs that will make enemies cry, but there are also some D specs that are just insanity, I can see myself sitting at something like this:

25% base block (add 5% when I do shield hit, add 5-10% when I am in improved balances) potential 40% block.
10% base disrupt (add 10-20% when in improved balances) potential 30% disrupt.
10% base parry (add 25% when using parry hit) potential 35% parry
5% or so dodge? Not sure.

Then I can use another tactic that auto parrys after you parry for a free parry.
Ok so add all that crap up and I have probably over 50% chance on any given hit to avoid the damage. Then if I do get hit I have potentially 3 absorb shields on me, each one having the absorb buffed by 50% with this patch, so approx 400 on one shield, 500 on another and 800 on the third. They probably wont all be up at the same time but damn, this might be an epicly fun d spec. Sure I won’t kill much but its fun to play like this sometimes.

There are some great new options coming our way, I can't wait till they hit live and I can play with them more. It seems like a lot of other classes got some nice changes too (I think knights and chosen got their auras to cost no ap) so it looks like overall things are going to keep moving nicely in War. I like the changes the devs make and the directions they take, maybe it could have started out better but at least I have faith they are moving it in the right direction. Only time will tell, but at least for me and my main, I'm pretty happy.


Tom said...

I have a lvl 10 swords master, left him alone for a while to play with my bright wizard and engineer - are they enjoyable as thinking i might level him next or start a knight of the blazing sun.

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

Sword Master is great fun (for me at least). IMO a great offensive tank that can kill and still be tankish pretty well (if geared for STR). And can also play the tank role (if geared for Tough/Wounds). I downloaded a mod called closet goblin to switch between the two with one button press, highly recomended for any tank class actually.

I wouldn't recommend a knight unless you like aura twisting. I made one and they are pretty strong, but I was turned off by the mechanic, every time as you are leveling up and getting new things you'd be getting auras half the tiem and just be like bleh, thants lame. Some people might like it more than the restrictions on balance for SwordMasters though, but I like the mechanic.

Tom said...

True enough, i liked the swordmaster just liked my BW more. I played a paladin in WoW so aura's are bit of a turn off much like WP didn't interest me much.

May roll a slayer like everyone else :)