Saturday, February 14, 2009

Live Events

The Valentines Day live event is coming to a close here and I thought I would post how I really enjoy these live events they introduce. They give me another thing I can choose to do among the other choices of pve questing, orvr, or scenarios. There are things to figure out how to do, sometimes new scenarios, and just in general it usually gets people out and accomplishing things. I’d like to see this sort of thing incorporated even more in the future but I must say I do like how they have done these for the most part so far.

Thinking for the future it might be nice for them to implement goals like this into a broader spectrum, maybe a whole new tab for “monthly” events or something similar. In these monthly events they might lead players towards a particular thing such as win x amount of scenarios or take x amount of keeps or BO’s or even hunt particular enemies. They could do a lot with it too, like what if they decided one month for elf race to get goals to defend elf lands and focus all the action there but dwarfs and humans had their own goals? Well I don’t know if splitting up the population is a good idea actually, but there could be a lot done to make interesting events.

I like where they have gone with the events that have run. I find myself checking the tab and seeing where I am at and going for the rewards, even when I’m not all that interested in what they provide. Its fun to have another checklist of things to try, and to add to the amount of things one can do on the way up breaks up the monotony a little bit. As I’m in tier 4 now with my Sword Master I can’t wait for the next live event set with the new scenario and goals to unlock the new classes. Not because I want to switch to them, but just so that the action gets stirred up a bit and because I’d like to see the new scenario. When they released the last new scenario it was really well made and a lot of fun, I hope this one done that good as well, and possibly we can keep them in the game after the live event at some point.

Do you enjoy the live events or do you feel like they are more of a distraction? Do you like the rewards and find yourself motivated to complete the tasks?


Tom said...

I like the idea and would like to see weekly live events swapping between the three face offs - so extra quests and rvr in elf/darkelf, greenskins/dwarves, empire/chaos. It would be another way to get people out fighting but spread it out a little more and give great rewards for them.

I also like how they introduce new scenarios - i would love to see the tank factory back as that was areal laugh. Maybe alternate the scenarios so they are fewer in number but different each month.

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

Yeah factory was great, had a lot of variety in where you could fight. Would be great to keep scenarios like that, after all they are already made so it wouldn't be challenging to leave them. Another idea would be to encourage certain scenarios on certain days or weeks, like giving 5% bonus for playing Tor Anroc on Friday. Then which ever scen had the bonus would likely get played more, could work well for under played scens.

Sumo said...

I like the idea of a month live event tab. Maybe instead of item rewards at the end, it could let into a scenario with all the other winners. That scenario gave you double exp/renown each time you played it but only lasted for 2 day period. I would be keen for that because most of the time the items are a bit boring.

***All Things Rob Wild*** said...

Yeah that could be cool, any type of reward would be nice to see. Extra RR could definately be something players would try to achieve.