Saturday, March 20, 2010

Starcraft 2 Battle Report 1

Few interesting notes from my first night of action in SC2 Beta. I played zerg in all my matches this night.

1v1 – 2 wins 1 loss

2v2 – 1 loss

Lost my very first 1v1, I was producing units wayyyyyyyyy slow and basically just got outnumbered. Expanded too early and my build order was fairly crappy.

Then I won the next two. One against a Terran who once I saw that he was expanding I rushed. Beat him with a superior army. He did the age old Terran trick when losing early game of launching his base into the air and sticking it in the corner so I had to wait for air to finish him off. I had overlords at every single mine spot on the map so it wasn't like he'd be able to rebuild anywhere. Eventually we both just laughed about it and said gg.

Third game was zerg vs zerg. I actually lost the initial encounter when I tried to rush him as he expanded. He had more roaches than me. I tried to micro a little bit to focus his down faster but it wasn't enough to over come the unit advantage. Still it was a close fight so he had maybe 3-4 units left in the end, not enough to rush me back since that fight was in his base. I expanded and we both built our armies back. Both of us had roaches/mutalisks and corrupters. I think I had more corrupters than him and when we had a big army clash I was able to win that battle and take the game. In retrospect I should have saved the replay on that one to see what the army sizes were.

Lastly played one 2v2. I really love the group strategy aspect of RTS games. Unfortunately I'm new to SC2 and my partner sucked so we got stomped. We were both zerg vs a protoss/terran team. The cool part about the game was on this 2v2 map there was a choke point in front of the team base where our enemy actually turtled up with cannons and teched. My teammate also seemed to do that only I didn't see him with very many good units lol. The protoss player went MASS void rays which was pretty interesting since they are considered kind of underpowered. With a mass of them though they blew stuff up fast and looked quite awesome doing so. Even my corrupters and muta's were not enough. I think our major downfall though was not sticking together and fighting at the same time, we basically sent our armies in to attack the enemy but his zerglings got there first by themselves and got wiped, then we trickled in the rest of our guys. Wasted a bunch of our units like that, also fought seperately in the next big fight, needed a lot more coordination hehe.

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