Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starcraft 2 Battle Report 3

Getting a lot better with Terran now and having a lot of fun with them. Here are some highlights/thoughts of my recent matches:

--In some matches I try to pop out a quick reaper or two for harassment. My micro is not quite up to par on it yet but it can be pretty strong when done right and seems to make the enemy build more base defense then they actually need. Then when I roll in with my big army I have more men than them, this tends to be a nice way to win (at low levels I'm playing at).

--One match I played the zerg had roaches and burrow super fast, they hid them in between our bases. He thought he was going to use the burrow and quick heal of the roaches to take the advantage, and it might have been ok had he gotten the move while burrowed ability. But he didn’t have that yet. In any case he popped out, my army was larger, then he popped back down and up a few times before figuring out that wasn't going to win. In retrospect I could have used a scan to kill them all before moving on to his base, but at the time I just figured I would take out his base before he got mine (plus I had an expansion). That's pretty much what happened, fun game though!

--I love siege tanks, even 1-2 of them in the back of my marines/maurauders seems to make a massive difference in the battle given I drop them to siege mode at the right time. I don't always get them, but I've started using them better when I do get them and its been working out nicely.

--Most my games I go triple rax with either two tech labs (for more mauraders) or two reactors (for more marines) depending on what I see the enemy doing. Then I grab one factory, sometimes upgrade for siege tanks I guess it depends on what is going on, other times just get a star port after and build some medivacs. I will eventually start trying more off the wall builds but this basic strat seems to be pretty successful and a good way to start off to get the hang of Terran.


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