Monday, March 22, 2010

Starcraft 2 Battle Report 2

I switched to playing Terran for a night and boy did I get romped. The build order and way you produce units seems way different then SC1. I'm still noobing it up quite a bit but I did notice I am significantly weaker with Terran than Zerg right now. Anyway, I like the race a lot though and I think it could be one I'd like to master and make my main anyway despite the early issues. Their units are fun, look good in game, and I like a lot of the options and things they have. Here are some interesting highlights and lessons from the night.

--When you get an orbital command, you probably should spam the special SCV guy it can make, the amount of extra minerals you can get from this is pretty huge especially early on.

--The protoss sentries shield move is pretty sick when used on a choke. In one game I played I had massed my army in my main, they went to my expansion just below it and were able to force field the choke effectively not allowing any of my units down the ramp while they blew up my expansion easily.

--Zerg banelings can blow your marines up fast. I think everyone knew that but I wasn't really prepared for them. Either need some bunkers or better micro to stop it. One match he rolled in with some of those, blew up most all my army, I did eventually defeat him with scv's but then he came in shortly after with mutalisks to finish me off.

--There are a lot of fun off the wall strategies with Terran. I have yet to try them all but I did have some success with one. I walled off my choke with buildings. Made a few marines for defense. Teched strait to starports and build 4 banshees (air to ground) and one Raven (air caster unit). Flew strait to the back of protoss base, used the raven to cast two of its anti air shot towers (they block attacks against my units) as the 4 banshee's took down their nexus. It was pretty sick and I really was super slow doing it so could have been a lot better.

All in all I had fun with them and think I will be playing them more. I am still stronger with zerg but that's not saying much at the moment lol.

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